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ACH was founded in Athens in 2018 by two creative, hardworking friends that decided to mix and marry their skills and aspirations. In actuality, ACH was born on a boat. It arose as a striking idea while Andreas and Christos were on the way back from vacation and it took them no more than two weeks to set it forth. The two friends were working together on ameliorating their personal social media when, they realized that their joined enthusiasm had led to a great job. They felt strongly that their passion for the field and individual expertise would well place them among such agencies. By the time the boat reached the port of Piraeus, ACH had begun its’ unique journey as a social strategist.

Nowadays, social media affect purchasing decisions thereafter, they are also a great tool for brands to build relationships. There is an opportunity for brands to meet their consumers where they interact.

What we do for you is, to closely monitor your brand awareness and presence and, make our recommendations for a strategic, well-placed, effective social campaign.

Then we can handle your whole brand makeover if such is needed.

We are on your side to help you build, grow or reinvent your business. Launch it to the market and watch her sail smoothly among consumers.

We will guide you, all along this mutual/common journey, and make sure to have in place all necessary resources for each stage of the process. We will work, by your side, in order for your business to evolve.

Either you have a new company that you want for it to find your position in the market, or you have an established business and you need to rethink its’ future or even go radical with a major change, we are there to give you a way to ace it.

We are ready to take upon a challenge. We are here for the impossible.

Transform businesses to brands. Help you find or recognize your brand identity. Evaluate and ameliorate your digital status.

Have your business stand up through consumers.

Here in Ach, our mail focus is to add value for our clients and for the brands we commit ourselves to.

"The nine soldiers"

"Strategy, design, marketing. Where should your story be told to have the greater impact."

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How we do it

What we do best: Create content and share it in the most effective, engaging way. We discover and create the story behind the product. We translate your corporate philosophy and product attributes into powerful stories. We can guarantee that we will find the best mix of channels (i.e. social media, press or other) for your brand to reach its’ audience.


We believe that creativity goes hand in hand with passion and a good, solid and open work climate. We want for our partners to come to work every time with joy and energy and we are determined to produce as a team the highest level of work, possible. It is of great importance to us, for our partners and colleagues, to be happy and fulfilled working within Ach. We value the well-being of all people working with us and we mean that our workday has fun. If you share our values and, you are motivated about working in a high pace, strongly creative and fun environment, you are welcome to contribute your unique spirit to our team. We are here to listen to you, give you our optics/view on your business and a solid plan to go through with.


After a long journey among social media handling companies, I gladly found the perfect match for my group of companies. Andreas and Christos are true professionals, while they work straight on the marketing objective creating a tailor-made image approach on all my businesses. Took it to another level - highly recommended!
Valia Halari

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