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Fresh Paper AW 23/24

Art Direction

In this issue, we focused on the concept of power, particularly feminine power and the empowerment of women. Feminine power refers to the energetic presence and characteristics associated with femininity. Although often associated with women, it exists in all genders and manifests through various aspects of individual and social life. We wanted to present all expressions of power and how it relates to concepts such as sensitivity, empathy, collaboration, creativity, the energy of nature, deeper connection with ourselves, and the world around us.


Consciously, we chose athletes to feature in our cover story, and we are particularly pleased that this idea was realized with the Alexandri sisters, world champions in artistic swimming from Austria. Anna Maria, Vasiliki, and Eirini exemplify the concept of power in the most substantial and beautiful way, both through their sibling bond and their athletic career.


In creating this issue, we also met other dynamic women, such as fashion designer Christina Kontova, lawyer and YouTuber Nefeli Megk, and Paralympic swimmer Alexandra Stamatoúlou. With different starting points and journeys, each embraces their own inner strength and dreams of their evolution.


Fresh Paper


AW 23/24